Be Prepared for Hurricane Lane

August 22, 2018—As Hurricane Lane hurtles toward Hawaii, it’s important that all individuals and cultural institutions prepare now. 

For Immediate Advice or Assistance:


 FEMA and the Smithsonian Institution co-sponsor the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, a partnership of 42 national service organizations and federal agencies created to protect cultural heritage from the damaging effects of natural disasters and other emergencies. 

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97981 says:
Make sure staff, volunteer,

Make sure staff, volunteer, and board contact lists are up to date. Determine how you will communicate with one another before, during, and after the storm.


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Kath says:
This bill would establish a

This bill would establish a formula grant program gutter repair auckland with federal funding to supply necessary funds to assist 

Kath says:
To be prepared with this type

To be prepared with this type of Hurricane, you need the help of mold remediation Kauai