Concerns about Portland and ARCHIVES 2017

The Society of American Archivists has grave concerns about recent acts of violence and hate speech in Portland, Oregon.  As we prepare for ARCHIVES 2017 in Portland, we are working with Travel Portland (the convention and visitors bureau), the Oregon Convention Center, the Hilton Portland and DoubleTree by Hilton, and local archivists to determine the best ways in which we can assist conference attendees in safely navigating the city. We appreciate those of you who shared your concerns and suggestions. Please watch the conference website (, #saa17, and all-attendee email messages from SAA Headquarters for more information.

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Glyade says:
The majority of the

The majority of the protestors who participated in the hate speech were not Portland locals, and the reaction against that hate was significantly larger. Check this out

bogdash says:
Portland Resident

I don't know where is best to respond to this but I am hoping people aren't afraid to visit Portland. While we are doing work to address the racism in our city, it is not quite what it seems the past few weeks. The protest containing hate speech was mostly non-Portland residents and the counter protest to that hate was much larger. Portland is not without racism and hate and our state has a long and troubling history that is not yet fixed. But many many of us in Portland are kind and friendly people and hate and violence is not as common in this city as in many. If you have any questions and want to know more about Portland, please ask. The horrific attack on our MAX has shooken our city but we will not let hate control us. The anti-hate counter protests and the many memorials occuring around our city have shown that Portland is fighting back with love.

Packrat65000 says:
Concerns about Portland and ARCHIVES 2017 / AM2017

Ohio Resident:

I stand with Portland. We all have concerns about hatred and acts of violence in general, which are happening, unfortunately, more frequently and everywhere it seems today, not just in Portland. We cannot let these horrible events define us in any way, be it how we live our daily lives or how we interact with others.  Again, I stand with Portland.