Comments Sought on "Archival Continuing Education (ACE) Guidelines"

The Archival Continuing Education (ACE) Guidelines (2010) provide guidelines for continuing education pertaining to professional archival knowledge beyond the formal credit/hour structure of education institutions. The ACE Guidelines specifically apply to individuals and organizations that provide or sponsor archival continuing education. Practicing archivists, employers, archival educators, accrediting agencies, and those who fund, oversee, support, work with, or use archives or who participate in archival continuing education may also find the ACE Guidelines useful.

SAA’s Committee on Education seeks member comment on its proposed revision of “Archival Continuing Education (ACE) Guidelines,” which was last reviewed in 2010. This revision of the ACE Guidelines consists of minor and editorial changes to bring ACE in better alignment with the 2016 revision of the Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies.

To view the proposed revisions, see the clean version or the tracked changes

To view the previous 2010 version, click here

Provide your comments on any aspect of the proposed revisions below or send them to  Deadline for comments: Tuesday, May 23. 

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Kath says:
The ACE Guidelines may also

The ACE Guidelines may also be helpful to employers, educators, accrediting bodies, and others who fund, supervise, support, work with, or use archives as well as individuals who take part in archival continuing education. 

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panza39628 says:
ACE Guidelines comments

I have read through the “Archival Continuing Education (ACE) Guidelines" in both the ‘clean’ format and the ‘tracked changes’.  The wording has become less passive and more concise.  There is also a better, 21st century feel to the language, especially regarding born digital, distance learning, and elearning.  This document is easy to read and understand although the one area I feel would benefit from change is in ‘Appendix 3, Face-to-Face Delivery Formats’.  Since the ‘Workshop’ changed to ‘Course’, the alpha abbreviation should also change from ‘W’ to ‘C’, reinforcing its use in the ‘Advantages’, ‘Limitations’ and ‘Criteria’ sections.


100559 says:

In addition to people who participate in tunnel rush archival continuing education, the ACE Guidelines may also be useful to employers, educators, accrediting agencies, and anyone who fund, manage, support, interact with, or use archives.