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I know I received a notice with my ID number and a link to the online A*CENSUS form, but I can't find it.

Contact Jodie Stauffer, A*CENSUS staff, at 312/922-0140 or acensus@archivists.org. She can tell you what your ID number is and the URL to access the survey.

I am not sure if I received an ID number.

Contact Jodie Stauffer and she can tell you whether or not you have an ID number assigned to you.

I never received a notice about the A*CENSUS, so I don't have an ID number. How can I participate in the survey?

You can participate now by going to: http://www.msisurvey.com/acensus2004/.

I don't have Internet access. How can I participate in the A*CENSUS?

During the week of June 1, we mailed paper survey forms to all of the individuals for whom we did not have email addresses.

I received an ID number, but I'm not sure if I really fit in the target audience for the survey.

We cast our "net" very broadly, so if we invited you to participate, that means that we want to hear from you. Please take the time to participate in the A*CENSUS. If you'd like further clarification about the scope of the survey, contact Jodie Stauffer, A*CENSUS staff.

I started completing the A*CENSUS online, but had technical problems.

Contact MSI technical support at acensus@msisurvey.com or by phone at 1-866-674-3375 (toll-free) if you have experienced any technical difficulties in using the online survey form.

I have some other question about the A*CENSUS.

For technical support, contact: acensus@msisurvey.com or by phone at 1-866-674-3375 (toll-free).

For all other inquiries, contact Jodie Stauffer, A*CENSUS staff, at acensus@archivists.org or by phone at 312/922-0140.


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