Candidates for the 2021-2022 Web Archiving Section Steering Committee


Nominees for Vice-Chair

Susan Paterson — Government Information Librarian/Reference Librarian Humanities and Social Sciences, University of British Columbia

I am a government information librarian at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. I've been involved in web archiving work since 2013 when our group of Canadian government information librarians created a digital stewardship network to capture at-risk born digital content from the Government of Canada. The network is called Canadian Government Information -Digital Preservation Network (CGI-DPN). I 'm also involved in web archiving work at the university and work on thematic collections that are of local interest to researchers in the community. I would love to be more involved in web archiving initiatives across North America and the US is doing such fantastic work! I've taken Sam Abrams course from the U. of Wisconsin on web archiving, which was fantastic. I would love to contribute to the community! Thank you for the opportunity. I would be happy to put my name forward for either Vice - Chair or the Communications Manager.


Nominees for Communications Manager

Rosemary Grant — Marketing & Communications Manager, University of Maryland

MLIS student in the Digital Archives & Curation track, Rosie Grant is the former Director of Communications for the National Building Museum in Washington DC and a current Marketing and Communications Manager for the UMD College of Arts & Humanities. She has over 7 years of Communications and Digital Strategy experience and is excited to connect digital storytelling with archival topics in her MLIS coursework. A fun fact is her management of the Building Museum's Instagram got it named "Best Local Instagram" by DCist for its architecture storytelling and LEGO videos. Her experience includes email marketing, social media management, website management, and would love to engage the student SAA community in these areas.

Wendy Guerra — Digital Initiatives Archivist, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Working as Communications Manager for the SAA’s Web Archiving section would allow me to serve my peers and profession while exercising my leadership, advocacy, and communication skills. This service position would provide the opportunity for my web archiving knowledge to further develop and my network of professional connections to grow. In my role as Digital Initiatives Archivist at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I am responsible for the digitization of analog collections and the preservation and access to born-digital collections, which are expected to include university websites in the near future. While this section position would be my first foray into professional committee service, I previously demonstrated my coordination and communication abilities as an active member of the Library and Collections social media team in my former role at the Minnesota Historical Society. My interests and skills, along with my desire to actively serve in the Web Archiving section make me a prime candidate for the Communications Manager. Thank you for your consideration.


Nominees for Student Member

Allison Fischbach — Research and Archives Associate, Towson University

I am a Research and Archives Associate at Towson University’s Albert S. Cook Library. I have worked in academic archives and special collections for over seven years, with a focus on preservation, digitization, exhibits, teaching and the arts. I have a BA in English Literature from Washington College, and am currently pursuing an MLIS in Archives and Digital Curation at the University of Maryland iSchool. I currently work on a number of web-archiving projects, including heading the university’s use of Archive-It, documenting the web presence of student organizations, and developing an email archiving workflow to record the university response to COVID-19. As student member of the committee over the past year, I have expanded my knowledge of best practice in web archiving and curation. I’m glad to run for this position again, in order to learn more as organizations and individuals increasingly rely on digital formats to document their actions. I find this developing forefront of the archival profession has serious considerations for personal privacy protections, and allows for experimentation, as collaborative actions and creativity are used to solve complex problems. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue the professional discussion on these emerging trends.

Amanda Greenwood — Graduate Assistant for the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, New York

Amanda Greenwood is a graduate student working on her MSIS with a focus on Archives and Records Administration at the University at Albany, New York. For the 2020-2021 FY, she was awarded the Anna Radkowski-Lee Web Archives Graduate Assistantship where she used Archive-It and other web crawling tools to efficiently manage the University's web collections. In 2021, she served on the University’s Excellence in Librarianship Award Committee, presented two lightning talks about digital archiving and web archiving at the 2021 New York Archives Conference (NYAC), and is looking to present about web archiving at both the SAA SNAP Section conference in July and the SAA ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2021 conference in August.