2021-06-02 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

June 2, 2021



Tori Maches (Chair)

Melissa Wertheimer (Vice-Chair)

April Feldman (Communications Manager)

Allison Fischbach (Student Member)

Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

Kiera Sullivan (Secretary)



Agenda items:

  1. News/Questions/Announcements

    1. Melissa is giving a panel/workshop with people from several national libraries at the International Internet Preservation Consortium. Open to members of institutions who belong to the IIPC.

      1. ACTION: Melissa will do a summary blog post for June along with Kiera’s coffee chat recap post.

    2. Elections update (Tori)

      1. Extended deadline for nominations is 6/15/21. We do have the option of holding the election after the July meeting if need be.

      2. Tori sent a reminder 5/24. ACTION: Tori will send out another reminder today and on 6/13. 

      3. Tori shared our current responses.

      4. Ryder’s new contact email is _____

    3. Coffee chat debrief (Tori)

      1. Kiera liked the diversity of the conversations, Tori the hands-on aspects of looking at a WARC file together, etc. The group agreed that co-hosting future coffee chats with other sections will be super engaging and fruitful.

      2. Kiera shared hers/Lydia’s blog post with the group - will submit to April by 6/14 for posting 6/16.

      3. Tori’s technical takeaways for future coffee chats: Screen-sharing enabled for all participants, turning on live captioning earlier.

      4. Allison suggested an internal Zoom meeting checklist. April said that she has an example of a checklist for webinars that we can use/tweak for our purposes.

        1. ACTION: Allison and April will draft one up and save it to our Google Drive.

  2. Old/Continuing Business

    1. Tasks for joint section meeting (Kiera)

      1. Moderated questions - please add to the document

    2. Blog posts after July: Kiera (description), Melissa (tbd)

    3. Annual meeting - Tori will hand off the slides task to Melissa. 

      1. From ERS meeting notes: Possibly collating presenters PowerPoints, putting together our own slides - Welcome/Intro/Agenda/etc.

      2. ACTION: Kiera will collate the presenters and ERS slides by June 18.

      3. ACTION: Tori will email Melissa with her business meeting update to Melissa by June 18 and Melissa will base her slides on that.

      4. ACTION: April will provide statistics on the blog posts to Melissa by June 18.

      5. Tori looped Kiera in on the presenters’ email.

      6. Tori asked: How detailed of a business meeting update do we want to give?

        1. Melissa suggested: Frequency of our meetings, where to find our meeting minutes (April posted on the section’s microsite), our original goals and how we accomplished them.

        2. Tori suggested: What have we been up to all year? (Coffee chats, blog activities, collaboration with Archive-It).

      7. ACTION: Ryder will be chatting with Steve this weekend and will pass on any information that he might get about Steve’s topic.

      8. Melissa asked: Who will be running the slides via screen sharing during the meeting?

        1. Will SAA have a person doing it? Do we need to send them to somebody, and if so, by when.

        2. ACTION: Tori will find out the answers to the above questions.

  3. New Business

    1. Melissa asked when the hand-off of section leadership positions happens. Tori said she believes it is September. We will have some time to debrief from the annual meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 6:48pm EST.