SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/10/07

SNAP Steering Committee 2021-2022
Meeting #02: 07 October 2021 
Time: 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific
Attendance via Zoom: Marissa Friedman (vice-chair), River Freemont (secretary), Lourdes Johnson (steering committee), Leah Tams, Liz Holdzkom
  1. Google Drive Update
    1. There are now two main folders which separate administrative files from general files. The “STEERING COMMITTEE” folder will be shared only with members of the Steering Committee and SNAP administration, while the “ALL COMMITTEE” folder will be available to general membership and volunteers. Note: be aware of what is shared in the ALL COMMITTEE folder, i.e., private/sensitive information such as passwords.
      1. Take a look at the new organization and let Michelle or Marissa know if there’s something that isn’t working or doesn’t make sense.
    2. A new addition in this system is the Brainstorming Worksheet. This will serve as a single place to gather our ideas for programming. These ideas don’t need to be specific, we’re really just trying to generate ideas and keep track of them for easy reference. We should, however, be clear about how these ideas relate to SNAP (see “details” field in the spreadsheet).
    3. The Wiki that was used in the past is likely going to be phased out. Marissa explained that administrators in the past have used multiple platforms, so there’s a lot of information scattered in different places. Points of access for SNAP info going forward will be the Google drive, the blog, and the microsite. Liz reminded us that there is likely a lot of important information on the old Wiki that should also be migrated.
    4. The onboarding document was moved around since the last meeting, so if you’re looking for it in the new organization, it now lives here.
  2. Upcoming Committee Roles and Elections
    1. Deadline to submit calls for nominations is coming up! Still need to verify the date, but we’re planning on being prepared to do so by October 15th.
      1. If you haven’t already notified Michelle or Marissa about whether or not you’d like to stay in your current position for another term/whether you’ll be going from Junior to Senior standing, please do so ASAP.
    2. Lourdes will be leaving her role as Student Chapter Coordinator, and was wondering how many coordinators we’d like to have this year (2-3?). Marissa suggested at least two. In addition, Lourdes will be gathering any relevant information about schedules and communications to pass along to the next coordinator. Liz, who will be leaving her role as Web Liaison, will do the same. This will allow new members to jump right in and anticipate next steps.
  3. Blog Team Updates
    1. A new post just went up!
    2. Michelle, Marissa, and Leah met last week to get oriented to the blog. They also identified areas of the blog that need updating, such as the steering committee page. Leah will be staying on the blog team another year! Efforts continue to clean-up the old comments (200+ currently in moderation).
    3. Goals for the blog are to create more of a nexus for everything happening with SNAP, that is more integrated with student chapters activities, and to promote the blog via coordination with the social media team. Leah suggests we consider looking into getting our own domain for the blog. We’d have more control over it (how it looks, being able to create more of a formal landing page for SNAP). Could have a “SNAP 101” page for the student chapters.
  4. Social Media Team Updates
    1. No one from the team was present to report.
    2. Liz has the “keys” to the Wakelet account!
  5. Student Chapter Coordinators Updates
    1. Informal “coffee chat” could be a good way to meet and recruit new coordinators.
    2. Cristy not present, but wanted to bring up the idea of using the SAA Zoom account more often for SNAP events.
      1. Need more information about SAA Zoom account, such as the process for reserving it. Marissa will talk to Michelle about it.
    3. Cristy also suggests we should be promoting the activities of the student chapters on SNAP social media accounts.
  6. Web Liaison Update
    1. Liz is working on updating the link to our blog on the microsite in order to make it more prominent/obvious on the page. More information is needed to delete comments on the microsite, this can be addressed in the November meeting. “SAA 101” resource page has been in the works for about a year, but Liz hasn’t heard back in awhile, will check-in again.
      1. Liz drafted some text for the home page of the microsite, and is looking for someone to do a look-over before updating it.
  7. Additional Updates
    1. We forgot to record the meeting again!
      1. Lourdes suggested we add a prominent reminder to the top of the agenda template.
  8. Confirmation of Next Meeting: Thursday, November 4th, 7pm ET (6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT).
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