SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/05/20

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #8: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM GMT

Attendance via Discord: Brenna E. (President), Michelle N. (Vice/Incoming), Cara D. (Secretary), Liz H., Louise L., Marissa F., Renae R.
...and we finally linked up time-wise with Rachael T. in Scotland! Yay!
  1. Annual Meeting: Tues., Jul 20, 3-4:30 pm Central.
    1. The Steering Committee will determine the final event lineup during the June meeting, but some things to consider:
      1. Eric Chin, Council Liaison, has asked for about 5 minutes near the start or end of the meeting; likely would be a good introduction to the panel.
      2. We will have seven presenters for our lightning talks at about five minutes each. Congrats to Emily Lempka (UMo), Christina Wolak (SU), Jack O’Malley (PI), Selena St. Andre (UMd), Amanda Greenwood (UANY), Maxwell Holland (UCLA), and Emma Horning (MA)! We can’t wait to hear what you’re working on!
      3. Afterwards we will want approximately 15 minutes of Q&A time. 
    2. President Brenna will reach out to Felicia for SAA details, as well as the student speakers.
    3. In mid-June the Committee will launch a Welcome Campaign with confirmed details, but some bits are concrete now: The SNAP event will be free - with or without an SAA membership. [but COME, JOIN US anyway!]
  2. Last Chance for Nominations! 
    1. We are seeking all interested members to self-nominate for one of the following committee openings: Vice/Chair-elect, Secretary, and 3 Steering Committee Members
    2. With a nod to our bylaws - requiring two students engaged in the steering committee - students of all stages of your degree are highly encouraged to volunteer.
      1. Fine print determined that students are not required to have an SAA membership in order to self-nominate; however, if the student is elected to a position they would be required to join [at the student rate].
      2. Would anyone be interested in - and check the fine print for our agency/authority to do so, but - setting up a donation pool to fund one year of membership for an outstanding candidate “scholarship”? Annual dues for a student member are $55 per year. 
    3. To throw your name into the hat, send us your info and a brief bio here.
  3. Starting a New Position During a Pandemic…?
    1. So did we! Join members of your SNAP leadership to discuss the challenges, surprises, and coping mechanisms they have learned over the past year. From part time, temp, field change, contract, late bloomer, unexpected leader, full time, members of our panel will speak to their experiences adjusting to both the pandemic environment as well as new-job-culture-shock… simultaneously! Invite link will roll out in a week or two - we feel the inbox fatigue too. Save the Date: 6/24 @ 12pm EST
  4. Call for Participants: Ask an Archivist Day - CoPA Collab, 10/13
    1. The Society of American Archivists (SAA) Committee on Public Awareness (COPA) reached out to Rachael to seek collaborators to signal boost and share content in order “to engage more with the public and other archivists for Ask An Archivist Day”. The event usually engages heavily over Twitter, but other ideas and platforms are welcome. Email Louise or Rachael for contact info to move forward. 
  5. Term Updates
    1. President Brenna, Secretary Cara, and Councilmembers will roll off positions at the end of the July meeting. 
    2. SNAP Annual Report will need to be written and submitted to SAA no later than September - we think?
  6. Blog Team Outreach
    1. Leah and Katie are cross-promoting the launch of SAA’s Career Counseling and Mentorship program. Whether you’re in need of mentoring or ...mentee-ing… sign up here.  
  7. Social Media Team Preps for ACA
    1. Although the ACA Exam has moved, our annual twitter chat on the subject has stayed the same. Check the listserv for the invite link. Thurs, 5/27.
  8. Student Chapter Coordinators not in attendance
    1. We missed you!
  9. SAA 101 Finalized
    1. After some accidental hot potato, Liz will be shipping off the final document to Felicia for publication.
    2. Liz is working on getting Wakelet up to speed and considering some alterations to the right hand column of the site…
  10. The State of SNAP
    1. Chair-Elect Michelle hopes to use the survey results to prepare the foundation for SNAP Term 21-22 and to inform content, format, and platform decisions in the upcoming year. 
    2. Preliminary assessments: respondents were nearly split evenly between Students and New Professionals. About 75% reported that they participate (or would participate) in a regional or state-level archives group. Unfortunately, we need to work on advancing our invites so there is more notice for attendees to plan for events.
  11. New Business?
    1. The Committee discussed the creation of a resources list for onboarding new staff and assisting in transitions. Permissions in Google Drive will need to be reviewed, and staff will have to determine to opt for secure, specific access; or open and accessible collaboration. 
    2. Thoughts & Prayers go to Hope, who is coping with a loss.

ICYMI: May 18, 2021-A new blog post has been added to Off the Record, the SAA Leaders blog hosted by the SAA President. In "Incorporating DEIA and Archival Compensation Recommendations in SAA," Rachel Vagts shares her SAA President's Message, which appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of Archival Outlook. Read the blog post here.

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