SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/02/23

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #5: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM CT / 8:30 PM ET / 1:30 AM GMT 

  1. Social Media: Louise LoBello and Rachel Talbot
    1. Rachel has been doing a great job keeping up with the Twitter and is running Thursday’s #snaprt on digital things! So far so good on the time zone difference.
    2. Topic planning for next month - if you have any ideas, let Louise know! 
  2. Looking Ahead: ACA Study Groups 
    1. Carady suggests revisiting the idea of ACA study group/guide
      1. Katie reports the exam will be in June this year (previously August, to coincide with SAA Annual Meet).
      2. In previous years, a chat/update usually occurs around April
      3. Renae, Helena, Lourdes, Marissa happy to help out with this and talk about readings/tech stuff 
      4. Poll members for their needs and format preferences
  3. Chair: Brenna Edwards
    1. New Google folder for projects 
      1. Link is also in Discord chat
      2. Working docs welcome! 
      3. Be mindful of access/edit permissions; especially for items that may be useful to future leadership
    2. SAA 101 (SNAP/Membership Committee)
      1. In the clean-up stages. Feel free to review and add final comments by 2/26
      2. Will be posted on SNAP microsite and blog, and will be talking with Felicia about putting it on the main SAA site
    3. Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) SNAPpy Hour
      1. Tuesday, March 2nd! 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific 
      2. Email invitation sent out Tues, 2/23 - assuming most members are on digest emails from listserv, responses and RSVPs may be delayed.
      3. RSVP required for Zoom link - circulate invite widely
      4. New participants are highly encouraged to get involved with planning!
  4. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Michelle Novak
    1. Member survey ready to send; will connect with Brenna to finalize and send out
      1. Note that paid SAA membership is not required for listserv access - we want to ensure wide distribution amongst potential membership.
    2. NARA email on diversity hiring
      1. Michelle has responded to NARA’s request for tips on reaching diverse applicants. Will follow up if there is future collaboration potential. Others are encouraged to add comments or additional responses.
  5. Blog Team: Kaitlyn Lichtle, Marissa Friedman, and Leah Tams
    1. Ex-officio bio request
      1. If you didn’t get the email, please email Katie
    2. Ask an Archivist question recieved
      1. Anonymous questions; anonymous answers - if you can provide commentary, please do so by 3/15
    3. Archivist/archive portrayals in pop culture
      1. Always a great topic, but we don’t want to reinvent the wheel - compilation post? New spin on quiz? Cross link to peers when possible.
        1. POP Archives: Home (Sam Winn)
        2. Libraries in Popular Culture (Burkely Hermann): 
        3. Which [famous] archivist are you? (Quiz)
    4. New ideas/series:
      1. Leah - series of blog posts about tools/software/technologies that people have been using/learning lately (has reached out to cohort at UNC to gauge interest) 
        1. Helena - previously created cue sheet for tools people use/prompts. [Please upload to drive for brainstorming access]
      2. Leah - Certified Archivist post might be good; may also resurrect previous ACA posts (Michael Guerrera)
        1. Focus on student/NP regulations - changed c.2020
        2. #throwbackthursday ?
      3. Marissa - regional organizations (Cathy), alumni network to reach out about tools idea
      4. Marissa - possibly planning a round table discussion on starting a new job remotely and how to navigate this challenge. ...It is the kind of post I wish I had when I started my new job a few months back. Stay tuned for more.
        1. Brenna, Carady, Renae, Helena interested in talking/helping out with this - all started new positions in 2020
      5. Brief discussion of WordPress options, free account vs. SAA funding; any migrations would be a potential 6-month commitment to planning. No plans to migrate at this time, but perhaps something to consider for future.
  6. Student Chapter Coordinators: Lourdes Johnson, Hope Ketcham Geeting, Cristy Sanchez
    1. Housekeeping on Shared Google Drive: 
      1. Created a “Student Chapter” sub folder within SNAP 2020-2021 
      2. Scanning twitter deck and following SAA student chapter and adding links to events [spreadsheet here] that may be of interest to one of us or anyone is willing to share on SNAP/personal social media accounts
      3. Many Student Chapters have mixed or outdated contact info, working to compile and verify. Ideally contact info will be added to the Student Chapter Google Map, which has potential to be embedded in our blog. 
        1. Also a potential lead in to ‘how to choose your MLIS program for archives’ 
    2. Student Poster Session Call / Pending: 
      1. Follow up e-mail to student chapter advisors reminding about the student poster session. First week of March?
  7. Web Liaison: Liz Holdzkom
    1. [Excused]
  8. Additional updates:
    1. Archivist Hacks - have others write hacks/do multimedia blog posts?
    2. We’ll begin to tackle annual meeting planning in March meeting
      1. Expect a doodle poll in the next week for scheduling
    3. Reminder: Self care is important! SNAP is volunteer run, and if you need a breather, reach out to the team. 
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