SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/01/26

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #4: Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM CT / 8:30 PM ET / 1:30 AM GMT 

  1. Welcome to our new ex-officio members, Cristy, Leah, and Marissa! 
    1. Committee Roster and leadership roles: All are encouraged to login to update your SAA profile if anything needs to be updated.
  2. SAA Annual Meeting - officially all virtual
    1. Start thinking about what we want to do for our 2021 section meeting - general support for teaming up “in cahoots” with another Section. We are hoping that as last year, the events are linear (not double booked) with replays and independent attendance options.
    2. Next Step: Start a brainstorming document.
  3. SNAP/Membership Committee joint effort: SAA orientation resource - “SAA 101”
    1. Targeted to all new members, not just SNAP. May require additional internal SAA review or approval prior to public publication. Publication format TBD, we are hoping to make a variety of media options accessible.
    2. Next Step: Comments welcome through 2/12, followup will be 2/16 via email.
  4. Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS): #snaprt/coffee hour 
    1. In the process of reinitiating our involvement; email to reconnect will go out this week. Should have more to update at next meeting.
    2. Helena, Leah, Carrie volunteer their support; Brenna will include them in future correspondence
  5. Preservation Section Invite 
    1. The Preservation Section is holding a coffee hour on February 12th: “how to get into preservation as an area of focus in archives / how we found ourselves working in preservation, etc.”  - we’re invited to attend and also to help spread the word.
    2. Time and format TBD.
  6. SNAP Member survey
    1. Draft of ranked questions
    2. Addition of Archivist Hacks to SNAP Member Survey?
    3. Review/final edits to SNAP Member Survey (in-progress)
  7. Blog Team Update
    1. Committee bio posts are scheduled to publish on Mondays over the coming weeks - yay!
  8. Social Media Team Updates
    1. January topic: Resolutions and goals
    2. Rachel will likely be taking on the Feb. monthly Twitter chat.
    3. Adjusting times: Since Rachel is joining us from GMT [5 to 8 hours ahead of the rest of us!], it is recommended to experiment with differing times in balance with consideration to user engagement. Additionally, consider pending Daylight Savings Time change. Weekdays work well, but we could experiment with weekends as well. Anything earlier than 5 pm PST should be avoided, as attendees may have work conflicts or be unable to sign on during working hours. Current time slot is already “hit-or-miss” in regards to attendance. Consider a secondary recap of ‘late’/after-hours/ICYMI posts, either via blog or social media.
  9. Student Chapter Coordinators Update
    1. Hoping to engage after the membership survey to figure out how to best embed ourselves or reach out to student chapters. If nothing else, will keep in touch and let them know we are here to support them. 
    2. Consideration of student officer turn-over: Likely varies from institution to institution; may be on Academic year or semester based. 
    3. Aside: Do we have a running list of existing chapters?
  10. Web Liaison Update
    1. Overall, reviewing our microsite for outdated information and/or broken links to correct as needed. 
    2. Big thanks to Liz for ensuring the Minutes are posted on the microsite as well as in Discord! 
  11. Additional Updates?
    1. AWEF will be hosting a SNAP-driven Q&A panel in May. Speakers and date TBD. Previous AWEF Panels are available on youtube. Standby for further info. 
    2. Remember that SNAP is a collateral duty/volunteer position - if life starts to sneak up on you, take a deep breath and reach out to someone. If you are overwhelmed and need to take a step back temporarily, communicate this need so that SNAP can support you in doing so. “You can’t pour from an empty cup - so take care of yourself first!”
    3. Next meeting will be in late February - look for a doodle poll in the next week or so to determine exact scheduling. 
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