SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2020/06/29

SNAP Steering Committee 2019-2020
Meeting #10: Monday, 06/29/2020
Time: 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET

  1. Chair
    1. Section elections - ballots will be emailed July 1
      1. Check your SPAM folders, can end up in there
      2. Will send announcements over listserv, social media. Ballot will be open until Wednesday, July 15th.
        1. Ex-officio positions terms go through this calendar year. Some have positions to extend for a second year.
        2. Standing SAA elections, your terms are up at the end of the Annual Meeting.
    2. Section Pilot funds have been donated to AWEF
    3. Annual Meeting updates
      1. SNAP/BAS will hold joint programming on archival compensation (guest speaker Beth Myers) during the BAS Colloquium on August 4
        1. Beth did the webinar on salary compensation in April. She’s going to do a presentation on archival compensation. Will be tied in with impact of COVID-19
      2. SNAP will hold a separate business-only meeting when other session meetings being held (date TBD)
      3. Section, governance, appointed group meetings & SAA Orientation and Leadership Forum are all free of charge
        1. SAA Foundation travel awards:
        2. Thread of offers to cover registrations for students/unemployed/precariously employed archives workers:
          1. Perhaps this information could be compiled into a google doc? It may just be a google doc linking to tweets. We can tweet it out, promote over social media.
        3. Looking into co-hosting (or just helping to promote) an open forum on virtual Annual Meeting costs with I&A section, will forward any updates that come in
      4. Blog team - call for session reporters soon?Gayle will be writing the EOY section report & submitting in September
        1. Typically we put out a call for session reporters. Blog Team will be discussing this further in their meeting.
    4. Mentoring subcommittee partnership - Twitter chat July 29
      1. Getting a feel about people who’ve used the mentorship program & what people want out of it. This partnership should continue into the fall
    5. Last steering committee meeting of 2019/2020 year (besides Annual), will continue to provide updates as they come in over the listserv
      1. Gayle will be writing the EOY section report & submitting in September
      2. Everything’s been great! Super active! We get lots of shoutouts!
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
    1. New position at Ransom Center! Things are transitioning, but her e-mail will still be valid.
  3. Blog Team
    1. Some clarification on the conference rates would be very helpful to first timers. The first timers guide is out of date for this year’s conference. May/may not update depending on people’s capacity.
  4. Social Media
    1. July 15th Q&A session with career center
    2. July 29th mentorship chat
    3. Both very student focussed
    4. Ethical collecting chat had much more engagement in the marketing for it, only like 3 engaging during the chat.
    5. Some kind of platform for students to share posters, etc were planning to apply for? Zoom lecture instead of a Twitter chat? Blog post? Lightning round panel presentations?
      1. Timing wise would have to be Fall, post Annual Meeting. We could publicise it in Share-out during the Annual Meeting if we can develop it.
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator
    1. No additional updates
  6. Web Liaison
    1. No additional updates
  7. Additional updates?
    1. n/a
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