SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2019/09/23


SNAP Steering Committee 2019-2020
Meeting 1: Monday, September 23, 2019
Time: 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET
Present: Ashelee, Tiffany Cole, Gayle Schechter, Emily M, Brenna Edwards, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Lexy deGraffenreid, Laura Bell
Absent: Stephanie Crawford, Joe Schill
  1. Chair
    1. Welcome! Intros: Name you prefer, SNAP position, pronouns: Ashelee (she/her), Tiffany Cole (she/her), Gayle Schechter (she/her), Emily M (she/her), Brenna Edwards (she/her), Eve Bourbeau-Allard (she/her), Lexy deGraffenreid (she/her), Laura Bell (she/her)
    2. Explanation of SNAP logistics, expectations for upcoming section year
      1. PB Wiki-Repository of docs for SNAP. Officer positions this is where you will find passwords, how-tos, etc
      2. At large members not doing much outside of monthly meetings. Want to get at large members more involved. Partner with ex officios? With that being said, this is a volunteer position and it is understood if something else takes responsibility over this position at times
    3. Student chapter coordinator position; update bylaws around ex officio positions?
      1. Need special election for Student Chapter Coordinator, the last had to step down unexpectedly.
      2. Any members at large interested in holding this position until an official election can be held?? Lexy deGraffenreid has offered to help. More generally, everyone should ready themselves to prepare a blog post
      3. Next steps for the election of Student Chapter Coordinator? Gayle will get the ball rolling on that. There is a potential this may take place at the end of the year with the ex officio elections.
    4. Student involvement in chapter  GET MORE STUDENTS INVOLVED
      1. General ongoing issue for SNAP
      2. Ad hoc group wants to sponsor handful of student memberships. This might be a bit too thorny for SNAP to get involved with. Gayle will let them know it is something SNAP cannot be a part of officially.
      3. What are some ways to outreach? Lexy deGraffenreid suggested maybe tie it into a monthly twitter chat?
      4. Getting linked in with faculty members in programs? Keep in mind for the October meeting.
    5. Annual meeting
      1. Salary negotiation? Workshop for salary negotiation tips? Or some form of workshop offered. 
      2. Need to reach out to other sections, joint meeting with other sections?
    6. Monthly email roundup: putting together a round-up of SNAP activities/news to be emailed once a month to highlight blog/twitter/suggested readings etc for those that might have missed. Tentative start: October. Additional means of outreach!
    7. Potential statement on Frank Boles article-SNAP release a statement about the article? The response will be negative in nature.
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Brenna Edwards, nothing to add
  3. Blog Team:
    1. Need updated bios for steering committee page (
    2. Do not need blog coordinator, so new professional blog editor nixed and will just have co-blog editors
    3. Ideas for blog posts: highlighting activities that people are doing/day in the life blogs/podcast highlights/twitter summary. Always open to ideas
    4. Spreadsheet for steering committee to volunteer to write blog posts? Sign up should be put together by the next meeting.
  4. Social Media: Tiffany
    1. Chat tomorrow (typically twice a month) topics related to SNAP but run the gamut, usually at 8 pm, but tomorrow at 9 pm est. Labor issues/salary transparency. Five questions related to contingent labor.
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator (vacant)
  6. Web Liaison: Ève
    1. Created outline for SAA website, introduction into SAA and SNAP to provide a concise overview for visitors to webpage
  7. Additional updates? No additional updates, meeting adjourned!



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