SNAP Elections - Candidate Statements

Please find below the election statements for candidates to the SNAP positions of Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, and Steering Committee members.

Vice Chair/Chair Elect:


Laura Bell

Laura Bell is a high achieving, enthusiastic Archives and Records Management student with experience in archives and libraries before her decision to pursue her MLS at Indiana University. Laura will be entering her second year at IU next fall, and has been selected for a funded internship at Smithsonian Gardens this summer. She is the president of her campus student chapter of SAA, and would make an excellent Vice Chair/Chair-Elect for SNAP.


Elena Colon-Marrero

My name is Elena Colon-Marrero and I am a Digital Processing Archivist at the Computer History Museum. I have been a member of the SNAP Section steering committee for the past two years. I first became involved with SNAP as the Junior Social Media Coordinator and continued on as the Senior Social Media Coordinator. During my time with SNAP I have helped plan conference swag and provided input on the forthcoming guide to starting and maintaining a student chapter. Outside of SNAP I have served on the SAA Appointments Committee and on the program committee for National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s 2017 Digital Preservation Conference.  I am interested in serving as the vice chair/chair-elect because I would like to become more deeply involved with the section. I would like to see the section strengthen ties between students in archival programs and SAA as an organization. I would like to encourage new professionals in the section to offer their advice, expertise, and serve as a resource to student groups. The importance of SNAP serving as a support network and a welcoming space for students and new professionals cannot be understated and must be continually reinforced.


Ruth Slagle

Hi all, I want to take this opportunity to tell a little bit about myself. I have recently just graduated with my MSLIS degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and have a B.A. in History from Asbury University. I'm a native Floridan and love the sun. If I can't have the ocean than I will take mountains. So this summer I will be interning with the Montana Historical Society through their SHRAB program as a Student Archivist, of which I am ecstatic about in the Rocky Mountains!!! I am interested in serving as Vice Chair/Chair Elect because I was to get more involved in SNAP and SAA and what better way than by serving our community. This past year, I served as treasury of UIUC's SAA student chapter, and for the past two years served as a co-chair for the ALA student chapter on two committees: ACRL and Conference. Throughout college I served in various leadership roles, learning that to be a good leader it meant giving a lot of one's self for the good of the group, but also knowing when to step back and let others contribute. But most importantly listening then working together to our goal. It would be an honor to serve SNAP as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, knowing this would be great way to get to know other SNAP members.



Kelly Bolding

Hi! My name is Kelly Bolding, and I am currently the Project Archivist for Americana Manuscript Collections at Princeton University Library. After becoming interested in archives while working a year-long project job at the New York Public Library after college, I moved into a paraprofessional archivist position at Princeton University in 2013, where I processed manuscript collections during the day while pursuing my MLIS at Rutgers University in the evenings and online. I graduated in May 2016 and was recently promoted into my first professional role. While I’ve been a member of SAA since 2015, this summer will be my first annual conference, and I look forward to attending the SNAP meeting.

I’m interested in serving as Secretary for SAA’s SNAP section because I want to help other students, paraprofessionals, and new professionals make their way in a field that presents many barriers to entry, particularly for people of color and those who aren’t from middle or upper middle class backgrounds. As a field that is 88% white, we have some serious work to do. One thing SAA’s newest members can bring to the table is to increase awareness of the specific barriers that prevent our profession from diversifying, while actively gathering and disseminating resources that can help make this profession more accessible to all current and potential students and new professionals, including those who can’t afford to work an unpaid internship or spend two thousand dollars to attend a conference.

I’m drawn to the role of Secretary, in particular, due to my dedication to good documentation, which I believe is crucial for both transparency and institutional memory. In my professional life, I regularly write and update documentation for staff and students on archival processing tools and workflows, and I would be pleased to bring this enthusiasm for documentation to recording SNAP’s work. I’m also a co-founder and regular contributor to a technical services blog at Princeton called “This Side of Metadata,” and I see blogs and social media as important tools for providing accessible spaces of professional participation for new archivists; I would also be eager to support SNAP’s important work in this area.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Adriana Flores

Hi everyone, my name is Adriana Flores and I’m running for SNAP Secretary for the 2017-2018 year. This past February I was elected as the current SNAP secretary in the special election. I’ve enjoyed serving as secretary for the past four months and would love to extend my time on the committee. I currently work as the Assistant Archivist for Acquisitions at Boston University’s Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, but this July I’ll be starting a new position at the University of Puget Sound as their Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. I’ve attended SAA multiple times (and will be there this year too) and I hope to remain engaged and active as SNAP secretary even from my new post on the West Coast!


Jane Kelly

Hello SNAP! My name is Jane Kelly and I hope to be the SNAP Roundtable’s Secretary for the 2017/2018 term!


I’m currently the Historical & Special Collections Assistant at the Harvard Law School Library and an online student at the iSchool at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


I hope that by serving as the secretary of the SNAP Roundtable that I can be involved in discussions about the issues that affect us as students and new professionals. I believe that it’s vital for students and new professionals to have a voice in SAA, particularly in relation to challenges many of us face early in our careers that may no longer be a priority for more established professionals. I hope that serving as the SNAP secretary would grant me the opportunity to support the work of the roundtable and, most importantly, share that work with the rest of the SNAP community.


Why vote for me? Like many of us in the archives field, it’s safe to say I’m meticulously organized and a fantastic note-taker. I’m currently a member of the Communications Working Group at the library where I work, so I’ve spent a lot of time discussing the importance of communicating to people on their terms, in the way they want to be communicated with, using whatever tools are available. I hope to put these skills and experience to work as your new SNAP secretary.


Thanks for considering me for this position, and I look forward to having an opportunity to work alongside and on behalf of all of you!


Steering Committee:

Marie Andrews

My name is Marie Andrews, and I am a first-year graduate student at the University of Washington Information School.  I am also the incoming co-president of SAA-UW.  I currently work at the University of New Mexico Law Library as their communications specialist, focusing on user engagement, scholarly communications, and managing our institutional repository among many other projects.  While working there, I served on and chaired two committees.  I take pride in the service I provided my colleagues while in these roles.


I am interested in participatory archives, where the stories of communities can be told and shared with others.  I have a background in art and design, which is the foundation for my passion in communications, outreach, and user experience. I want to serve on the SNAP Roundtable because I would want to be an active member in the SAA community, learn about and support the concerns and interests of new professionals, and meet the individuals I will soon be working alongside. Thank you for your consideration.


Aaron Davis

My name is Aaron Davis.  I am a new professional archivist graduating from the University of Denver in early June this year with an MLIS.  Recently I was hired on as an Audio and Media Archivist at the Colorado State Archives.  Here I am working with the State Archivist of Colorado to develop a digital preservation policy for the state.  I am also working with a digital archives team to bring in a trusted digital repository for digital records housed and managed by the Colorado State Archives.  Other responsibilities at this position include a large-scale digitization project to preserve over fifty years of legislative audio history from the Colorado State Legislature.


I serve on the Colorado Historic Records Advisory Board (CHRAB), which takes grant funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and distributes them to small archival institutions around the Colorado.  The CHRAB board also puts on Archives 101 workshops to educate the community in the state about basic archival practices and how to manage collections.  


I am interested in serving SNAP as a Steering Committee member because I believe I would provide a unique perspective to the discussion and direction of this group as a new professional in a State Archives position.  I also have substantial experience serving on professional boards with CHRAB and the SAA Student Chapter at the University of Denver.  I would like to assist SNAP in helping students and those who are newly graduated find their way in the archival profession by sharing my experiences and improving the outreach and visibility of the group.  Being an advocate for young archivists and serving on the Steering Committee would be an honor and privilege.


Jennifer Eltringham

My name is Jennifer Eltringham and I’m completing my MLIS at the University of Denver in June of 2017. While I currently work at the Pikes Peak Library District in interlibrary loan and adult services, I also have a passion for and experience in archives, especially representation and social justice in archival practice, advocacy, and feminist approaches to information services. In the past, I’ve completed internship work with Ohio Wesleyan University, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the University of Denver Archives and Special Collections, as well as with private collections. While this will be my first involvement with SAA, I have been the treasurer for the University of Denver’s chapter of the American Library Association for two years. I also have experience writing for the blog Hack Library School where I’ve been able to illuminate the unique perspectives and priorities of students and new professionals. As a member of the Steering Committee I would be proud to continue this work advocating for, collaborating with, and supporting the potential of SNAP members.


Emily Kintigh

My name is Emily Kintigh and I would like to nominate myself for the position of Steering Committee Member. I am a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Denver’s MLIS program with a focus on digital preservation and I am excited to break into the professional archival world!  


In January I was lucky enough to be selected to be the ex-officio New Professionals Blog Editor for SNAP and appointed as a SNAP Student Chapter Manual Committee co-chair, so I already have several months’ experience working with the wonderful people who make up the SNAP board. I had always appreciated the work that SNAP does for students and new professionals and to have the opportunity to help fulfill that work has been an honor. I look forward to doing even more for the SNAP population as a Steering Committee member.


I currently serve as the president of the SAA student chapter at the University of Denver and work hard to support the students in our program. DU’s archives students are currently without an academic mentor so our chapter has stepped in to fulfill some of those roles, working to connect students to professionals and resources to help them learn more about the field. While I am looking for an archival position, I work full time in one of the academic units on the DU campus as a Communications & Recruitment Specialist, managing the department’s marketing and student services efforts.


As a (almost) fresh graduate, I am passionate about the LIS student experience and the transition into the archives world. While graduate school is incredibly important, it cannot truly prepare the student for the shift to the professional world. SNAP fills this gap, providing the professional support system students need to make the transition. I would be honored to join the SNAP team and to help find new ways to support students and new professionals in the same way that they have helped me.


Ryan Leimkuehler

My name is Ryan Leimkuehler and I am writing to be considered as a member of the SNAP steering committee. I currently work at the Kansas State Archives as their Government Records Archivist and have been in this position for a year. I appraise, process, arrange, and describe government records. I also manage the retention schedule process and provide onsite training to government agencies on how to manage their records and shared drives. I would be a good candidate for the steering committee because a major part of my work at the Kansas Historical Society has been in outreach and professional development. Before I moved into archives I was a high school teacher, so education and development opportunities are important to me and my career philosophy.  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History Education and my Master of Arts degree in History at Missouri State University, where I graduated with honors. I am also currently enrolled at Emporia State University, where I am seeking a Masters of Library Science degree with an emphasis in Archival Development. I will complete my degree with Emporia State University in August 2017. While earning my degrees, I developed strong research and writing skills that will no doubt help further the goals of the SNAP round table.


Blake Relle

Blake Relle received his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science with a concentration in archive management from LSU in 2013.  Currently, he serves as an Archives Specialist at the Louisiana State Archives where he fulfills request for materials made by the public as well as state agencies. Also, in this position, he processes and creates a DACS compliant finding aid for each collection transferred to the Archives. From 2013 to 2015, he served as a digitization intern at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Professionally, Relle has presented on “How to get new archival professionals involved in archival organizations?”, and “Should archival professionals do continuing education?” At the SAA meeting in August of 2016, Relle was on a panel that discussed how archives and museums can provide access to their collections to people with disabilities. Relle serves on the Steering Committee of the Government Records Section (SAA).

This opportunity will provide a way for me to give back to my profession. It will provide me with an opportunity to meet other archivist. Exchanging ideas and working together, we can come up with solutions to problems we face in our repositories.  We have to work together because we can do more as a whole than we can individually.


Kristine Robb

I am a second year graduate student in the Public History program at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, and I currently work as the Archives Coordinator for the East Foundation in San Antonio. As a departemnt of one, I am responsible for a digital archives program, document and photography special colletions, artifacts, an oral history program, and historic properties.


As both a student and a new professional myself, I feel that I could benefit the Steering Committee by reaching out to and connecting with students, new professionals, lone arrangers, and those working in small, private archives. Although I am new to SAA this year, I have been a member of the Society of Southwest Archivists for three years.


I hope to be able to serve the members of the SNAP Section and create new friendships and connections with archives professionals around the country.


Gayle Schechter

As a May 2017 graduate from Simmons College and new archives professional, I'm eager to become more involved with SNAP and the work this section does to support students and new archivists. Over the past year I've interned for SAA's Women Archivists Section (WArS), assisting the steering committee with reaching out to our community through social media through our Facebook page and Twitter chats both by participating in and leading chats in our First Friday Feminism series, as well as creating Storifys to promote past chats. My internship with WArS has acquainted me with how SAA's section steering committees operate.  In addition to my work with WArS, I've served as Vice President of Events for Simmons's Library and Information Science Student Association, coordinating and promoting a variety of social and educational events for students.


As a recent graduate navigating the job market, I'm acutely aware of the issues our members face, and am passionate about providing support to students and new archivists. Having attended SNAP's meeting at SAA 2016, I found it refreshing to become acquainted with people going through similar experiences. I'd love to find ways to help educate our members about job-hunting, balancing work and school, salary negotiation, and networking, in addition to putting a spotlight on social justice work in our profession. Attending the 2016 Annual Meeting and participating in SAA's mentor program have shown me the value of being involved in SAA, and I'd be honored to have the opportunity to work with SNAP on these issues.


Ron Stafford

I'm Ron Stafford. I will be graduating in December 2017 with my MLIS from The University of South Carolina. I have a great passion for archives. As an undergrad History student, I did research in state and international archives and was hooked. I advocate for archive and archival funding.  I am an active member in SAA, Society of North Carolina Archivist, Society of Georgia Archivist and South Carolina Archival Society.  I completed two internships at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte North Carolina. During my time in the Mint's Archive's, I completed processed two collections and finding aids. I was active in advocating and fundraising for the Mint. I spearheaded this year's May Day Event.  This fall I will be interning at South Caroliniana Library, the oldest freestanding college library in the nation.  I also am the president of SCALM (Student Community for Archives, Libraries, and Museums) I believe in archives and advocating for them.  This summer/fall I will be presenting research posters and talk at state and local conference on Hidden Jewish Archives in WWII Poland. With this endeavor, I hope to press to others the importance of archives. If brave men and women had not saved Jewish Archives and Libraries, a historian would have no sense of European Jewish history pre-1939.


Dani Stuchel

I am a graduate student in the Master of Library & Information Science program at the University of Arizona, entering my second year of study. This summer (2017), I am serving as a reference intern at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History’s Department of Anthropology Archives, where I assist patrons in finding materials for purposes of native language revitalization, indigenous object repatriation, or other archival research. This work builds on my undergraduate education in linguistics, and my interest in archives as active agents for language documentation and revitalization, as well as broader social change.

Since 2013, I have collaborated on the Pittsburgh Queer History Project, an archive and oral history project, which documents gay and lesbian nightlife in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1950-1990. After moving to Tucson for graduate school, I began volunteering with Native Seeds/SEARCH – a seed bank and food ways conservation organization – cooperating on the reorganization of their seed collections and proposing options for digitizing legacy records. My work with both projects is ongoing.

In serving on the SNAP steering committee, I hope to bring these diverse experiences together to advocate and develop resources for students and new archival professionals, whether they are working with large institutions, community archives, or atypical collections. As a queer archivist interested in Native/indigenous studies, I will also seek out and share ways that the archival profession can be more welcoming to archivists from marginalized communities, and encourage careful and generous critique of the archives as an intellectual project.