Connecting Online

SAA Connect

Connect with other solo archivists on SAA Connect! We have an active online discussion community with posts ranging from collections advice to calls for papers.  Here you can browse or search any past communications that you missed from the listserv, as well as review a small library of attachments (some ephemeral, but others not) that members have shared with the group:

SAA Connect Solo Archivists Section Community

Trying to find the past listserv conversations (threads) with the most engagement?  A quick tip for doing so:  From our community home page, click on the "Discussions" tab and then sort the threads by "most replies."

Solo Archivist Buddy List

If you are looking to connect with section members outside of SAA Connect, see the Buddy List page in the Resources section.

Social Media

Through the past efforts of some members of the Solo Archivists community, there have also been at least two unofficial (not maintained by SAS leadership) online outlets created for participating in virtual community:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Group (NOTE: you must have a registered Facebook account and be logged in to view this page).

If you know of others, please let us know at and we will share them here.