2018 Message from the Co-Chairs

Dear STHC Section Members,

It has been an active year for the Science, Technology, and Health Care (STHC) Section. This year our web liaison, Rebekah Kim with the help of Section’s intern, Mark Coulbourne updated the STHC microsite’s organizational structure to make it user friendly and easy to navigate. The Unsung Heroes in the history of STEM and health sciences project has been expanding with several new bios posted by section members.

Mark your calendar for the STHC meeting, held during SAA’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, August 16th, 4:15 pm – 5:30 pm. The program portion of our meeting will feature four lightning talks that will cover diverse topics including NYU’s successful research collaborative Humanities for STEM, UNC-Chapel Hill’s international medical theses project, web archiving at NLM, and collaborative work to document contemporary invention and innovation through collecting primary documents and associated artifacts, conducting oral histories, and developing exhibitions and public programs at the National Museum of American History.

Please also check the ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2018 STHC Section custom schedule: https://archives2018.sched.com/sthc that was put together by Jennifer Ulrich and Chris Ryland.

The STHC Section has been going through a leadership transition. Due to personal reasons our current senior co-chair, Eli Brown has stepped down from her position in late July.

This year’s STHC Section election winner, Alison Oswald will become a senior co-chair, leaving the junior co-chair position vacant.  According to the bylaws, Section IV.D. (https://www2.archivists.org/groups/science-technology-and-health-care-section/standing-rules ), the steering committee can appoint someone to that vacancy so there doesn't have to be another election.  Since we had a contested election this year, the Steering Committee voted to appoint the runner-up from the recent election and current SC member, Jennifer Ulrich as a junior co-chair.

I will be staying on the SC for at least another year and Todd Kosmerick, our previous co-chair will be on the SC for another 3 years – we both will be assisting with the leadership transition.

We want to ensure that the STHC Section reflects the interests of its member, so we welcome your input for agenda items that you would like to see addressed at the meeting or during the upcoming year.

Please feel free to contact us:

Polina Ilieva, University of California, San Francisco: polina.ilieva@ucsf.edu 415.476.1024

Eleanor Brown, North Carolina State University Libraries

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