2017 Message from the Co-Chairs

Dear STHC Section Members,

It has been an active year for the Science, Technology, and Health Care (STHC) Section. This year we transitioned from a roundtable to a section, and we initiated our Unsung Heroes in the history of STEM and health sciences project. We are looking forward to our meeting on July 27.

STHC became an SAA section this past year, as did all SAA roundtables, and the transition has gone smoothly. There are no changes to our bylaws or to the way in which STHC has conducted its business. The website is being updated to change all of the instances of “roundtable” to “section.”

We are really excited about our Unsung Heroes project and think we are off to a good start. Read more about the project on pages 3-4 of this newsletter.

Mark your calendar for the STHC meeting, held during SAA’s Annual Meeting: July 27 (Thurs.) 2:00pm - 3:15pm. Check the SAA program/website/app for room information.

The program portion of our meeting will feature five lightning talks about collecting STEM and health care holdings and using them for classes and cross-disciplinary research. While these collections are often seen as different from those focusing on the humanities, the speakers will talk about how such collections are more alike than meets the eye.

We want to ensure that the STHC Section reflects the interests of its member, so we welcome your input for agenda items that you would like to see addressed at the meeting. Please feel free to contact us: 

Todd Kosmerick
North Carolina State University

Polina Ilieva
University of California, San Francisco