SAA Diverse Sexuality and Gender Discussion List


Dear all;


As a scholar in architecture with Ph.D. degree and a member of Society of American Archivists, I am writing this message about my current research project “on archives and historical documentation at some pioneering schools of architecture in the US” with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Before my current research project, I conducted my advanced academic research project on “women & gender issues” in postwar architecture (with my specific research problem and time period) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, History-Theory and Criticism of Architecture Program for two years. For more information on my scholarly background, academic presentations, etc., please visit:


I am very glad to be supported by the participation of leading archivists, curators and librarians at some pioneering schools of architecture in the US for my research project, such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, etc. They kindly shared their time with me and sent their written answers to my research questions.


In this respect, I would be so happy if I could present and discuss my research project and its findings at a relevant program in archive & women-gender-underrepresented communities’ issues, etc. in/around Boston, Cambridge; it might be a seminar, a presentation in a relevant class, a speaker programs in a relevant program, etc. I am in Cambridge/Boston and would be most grateful if I could have such an opportunity in and around this city.


Thank you in advance for your valuable time and kind help.


Best regards & happy Thanksgiving;


Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.


MIT, visiting scholar 

Columbia University, research scholar 

Harvard University, research fellow

Society of American Archivists, member

Awardee of Society of Architecture Historians, Annual Conference fellowship, 2018.