October 2022 Steering Committee Meeting

SAA PAS Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 3, 2022 at 2:30pm ET

Present: Katalin Rac, Ashley Minnich, Rachel McNellis, Supriya Wronkiewicz


  1. SAA PAS Documentation

    1. SAA gives us space within the website to house our documentation that is open only to the section.

    2. All four members present agree that housing our documentation within the SAA website will be an advantage over a Google Drive so that we no longer have to maintain the members that have access to the Drive as users are added and removed from the committee.

    3. Katalin will send out a roadmap of where/how this space will work and we will begin moving previous documentation over to this SAA space.

  2. Bylaws Review and Changes

    1. Everyone should review the bylaws and start brainstorming potential changes and improvements.

    2. Katalin suggests making a change to the bylaws so that more individuals can be elected to the committee.

      1. Assembled members agree that an increase in the number of elected individuals would increase the diversity of individuals and range of experiences within the committee’s community.

      2. Additional members could also help the committee in areas where a lot of work is involved (such as the newsletter).

  3. Newsletter

    1. Rachel and Supriya are continuing to work on the newsletter. The call is sent out roughly one month ahead of time, then edited and sent out. Katalin has volunteered to help with newsletter formatting, etc, if needed.

    2. Rachel and Supriya could potentially use more help with putting the newsletter together, but will meet with each other first to go over the workload and processes of the newsletter before submitting a more formal request to the committee for assistance.

  4. Introductions

    1. Ashley, Rachel, Supriya, and Katalin introduce themselves.

  5. Programming

    1. Let’s start brainstorming ideas for another event that we can hold as a section at some point within the next year.

  6. Next Meeting

    1. Tentatively: Monday, November 7, 2022 2:30-3:00pm ET

      1. Ashley will be on vacation, but will try to join this meeting.

      2. Katalin will send an email to inquire whether November 7 or November 14 works for more people.

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