Get Involved

The Museum Archives Section has an official SAA email list as well as a Museum Archives listserv. The listserv relays news items related to the profession and serves as a forum for members to assist one another with issues encountered in archives. The Museum Archives Section has a meeting during the SAA annual conference in which officers are elected and section business is conducted.

Official SAA Museum Archives Email List

All new and renewing section members are automatically subscribed—albeit in NOMAIL mode—to an official SAA Museum Archives Email List. Information on official email lists can be found on the SAA website. The archives of this list are available for members.

Museum Archives Listserv (SAAMUS-L)

To join the SAA Museum Archives listserv send email to LISTSERV@SI-LISTSERV.SI.EDU with the following commands in the body of the email: subscribe SAAMUS-L firstname lastname. Replace "firstname lastname" with your own name, for example: subscribe SAAMUS-L John Smith.

To post to the list, send email to SAAMUS-L@SI-LISTSERV.SI.EDU.

The Museum Archives listserv, SAAMUS-L, is hosted by the Smithsonian Institution. If you have any questions about the Museum Archives listserv, please contact Marisa Bourgoin.

Museum Archives Working Group

A Working Group meets the week of the SAA Annual Meeting, giving members the opportunity to discuss a chosen topic related to museum archives work, to share opinions and to receive recommendations from other Museum Archives Section members. Information on this meeting will be posted under news and events.