2019 MDOS Annual Meeting Agenda

The Web Archiving and Metadata and Digital Object Sections (WAS & MDOS) will be holding a joint event. The event will open with annual business meeting information and reports, and follow with a debate panel. Panelists will debate and discuss topics related to descriptive metadata and web archives.

MDOS Annual Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, August 3

11:30am-12:45 pm
Grand Salon 8, JW Marriott Austin

11:31 - Meeting began

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Introduction to the bitly link
  3. Reports from both sections and introductions
    1. Alexis Antracoli - Web Archiving section review
      1. Overview of new committee members
      2. Year in Review
    2. Carolyn Runyon - MDOS review
      1. Overview of membership and open positions
      2. Goals for 2019-2020
  4. Debate panel
    1. Sumitra Duncan, NYARC
    2. Jane Kelly,  #MeToo Collection
    3. Greg Wiedeman
  5. Audience questions