Labor Archives Roundtable now has a new column in LAWCHA's Labor Online

LaborOnline Call For Submissions  

Conor Casey, LAR Co-Chair

  • I approached Rosemary Feurer and Ryan Poe, editors of the Labor and Working Class History Association's LaborOnline newsletter, about LAR members contributing articles about our collections to their publication. (Similar to the special issue of LAWCHA's Labor History journal from 1990 on labor archives repositories) This is a great opportunity for us to market our collections to our most frequent users directly. It also provides a way for us to highlight new collections or projects that have employed our collections.

    Rosemary and Ryan were very open and interested in having the LAR contribute to their newsletter on a regular basis. We now have a regular column at

    Here's how to submit: 

Submission Process  

  • LAR members first contribute an author profile including a name, a sentence or two about the person, and a photo.(I'd suggest that any pictures you want included in your profile be sent at attachments to the initial email to me at
  • The articles should be about 500 words or less.  There is some flexibility for content that is slightly longer. We can and should include direct links to all the materials discussed. I'd suggest providing links to your repository webpage in your author profile as well.
  • Right now, the submission process is: Email a profile and the article to LAR Co-Chair Conor Casey Conor will forward  it to Rosemary and Ryan set up a profile at that time. 

Leveraging Existing Work  

If a person at each of the major labor archives submitted a short article or re-used one from a local publication, blog post, or newsletter, I am sure we could provide them enough content for many newsletter issues to come! Even an updated version of that Labor History article submitted in 1990 could work, or an expanded and refined version of your entry in the Labor Archives in the United State and Canada Directory.  Please consider contributing an article soon!  

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about these initiatives!