Call for Labor Archives Roundtable Co-Chair Nominations

Labor Archives Roundtable Colleagues,

It's the time of year when we send out the call for nominees to fill the staggered, two-year term as Labor Archives Roundtable co-chair. This term will be for 2015​-2017,  and will begin in August.
Co-Chair Conor Casey's co-chair spot will be expiring, and he is not eligible to serve another consecutive term under the roundtable bylaws. We definitely need a new co-chair candidate. If we have more than one candidate, we have the option of holding an election. If there is only one nominee, that person will be appointed to the position.
If you have questions about the specifics of the work we do, feel free to contact us off-list. Please do not hesitate to self-nominate if you are so inclined. Nominations are due by June 14.



Conor Casey, Co-Chair 201​3​-2015 (

Catherine Powell, Co-Chair 2012-2014 (