2010-2011 Annual Report

Minutes/Overview, Labor Archives Roundtable meeting, August 24, 2011, Chicago, Illinois

The crowd was small, but the meeting went ahead as planned on the campus of Roosevelt University. Thanks again to Laura Mills for coordinating the off-site meeting space.

In attendance for all or part of the meeting were Traci Drummond, co-chair, Labor Archives Roundtable, Kate Theimer, Petrina Jackson, Lucinda Manning, Curtis Lyons, Martin Tuohy, and Liesl Orenic. The following three items took up most of our two hours, so the entire agenda wasn’t covered.


SAA Council Liaison Kate Theimer updated the group on her proposal to Council that they designate an Annual Meeting Task Force to investigate current annual meeting planning practices.


Petrina Jackson, from the 2012 Annual Meeting Program Committee, stopped by to urge attendees to submit proposals for next year’s conference.


Liesl Orenic’s presentation on the Chicago Teamsters included outreach, donor relations, research, and processing. We hope to provide a link to her research in the near future.

In addition, a few announcements:


Conor Casey, of the Labor Archives of Washington State, will be coming on as co-chair for 2011-2013 (Traci Drummond will continue as co-chair through 2012). Welcome Conor!


With Conor Casey’s help, the Labor Archives directory has been updated as a .pdf document is currently available from both the Labor Archives of Washington State website and the LAR website. Please send any updates to the co-chairs of the LAR.