Statement of Mission, Vision and Core Values Approved


Good news following the May Council meeting.  Our Statement of Mission, Vision and Core Values has been officially (and unanimously) approved!  Many thanks to those who offered feedback, both during last year’s business meeting and during the comment period in the fall.  Some changes have been made to our original draft, most notably in the last value.  The Steering Committee decided to change this value to “Dialogue” when conversations with Council revealed that we needed a statement that more clearly and precisely reflected our role within SAA. 

I think the adoption of this statement is a great step forward for the I&ART in defining its roles and responsibilities and I hope it serves as a suitable guide for future initiatives and projects.  The text is copied here for your information and will be incorporated into the I&ART microsite shortly.



 Issues & Advocacy Roundtable Statement of Mission, Vision and Core Values 

(Adopted : May 29, 2015) 



The Issues & Advocacy Roundtable (I&ART) of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) supports the goals and mission of the Society. As a forum for discussion of the critical issues facing the archival profession, the I&ART is committed to outreach and advocacy efforts which support the continued growth of the archival profession and nurture archivists and archives.  



We are champions of archivists and the archival profession and of archives as building blocks of history and community.  We promote their value and relevancy within and outside of the archival profession.  We are advocates.


Core Values


We are a voice for the SAA membership and public on policies that affect SAA members, archivists, associated professionals, public archival institutions, private archival institutions, and the public by providing a forum for the active and public discussion of pro-archives positions, and a resource for marshalling direct advocacy actions and campaigns.


We are a key contact and resource for apprising the archival community and the public of news, events, discussions, and information relevant to archivists, associated professionals, the SAA, and archival institutions.


We are committed to ensuring the diversity of the archival profession and the archival record.  We promote and defend the diverse opinions, heritage, and experience of members and support the collection of and access to historical records documenting the breadth of human experience.


We are an educational resource on matters relating to archival advocacy and outreach, and work to ensure archivists embrace advocacy and outreach as core functions of our profession.


We are an institutional forum for critical discussion and an internal advocate for the interests of SAA members.  In dialogue with the SAA Council, the SAA President, and other official SAA constituent offices and groups, we help inform official policy, action, and statements.