Violence against protesters in Omdurman on June 30 (Sudanese Archive)

This is an investigation produced by the Sudanese Archive in collaboration with the Berkeley Human Rights Investigation Lab. It uses open-source tools and techniques to verify evidence gathered from videos, images, and/or reports published online. The focus of this report is about violence against protesters in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman on June 30, 2019.  

Protests in Sudan have continued for months as people fight for a civilian-led government. They have claimed the lives of hundreds. In April, after months of protests and a large-scale sit-in held outside the military headquarters, former president Omar Al-Bashir was ousted from power. In his place, a military-led transitional council has taken power. Protesters continued their sit-ins and marches, calling for a civilian-led transitional government. During this period, the leaders of the protests engaged in lengthy negotiations to reach an agreement with the Transitional Military Council (TMC). Talks broke down on May 15, 2019.  

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