Otrxs Fronterxs: Stories of migration, racism and (up) rooting (Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Chile)

Otrxs Fronterxs - Stories of migration, racism and (up) rooting - is the new exhibition organized by the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and the University Academy of Christian Humanism, in collaboration with the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The sample is presented as a critical and less conventional mapping on the migrant reality, emphasizing those darker and less fortunate areas of human reality that the migration experience brings.

The exhibition takes place in different areas inside the main building of the Museum and specifically its third floor. The curatorial project by the visual artist Camilo Yáñez considers 18 participants, including artists, photographers and historians.

Works by artists such as José Balmes, Francisca Benítez, Roberto Matta, Nury González, Alejandro Olivares or the poet Raúl Zurita are part of Otrxs Fronterxs. And among them are sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations and videos, along with historical material, documents, letters and objects that are part of the Museum's collections.

The totality of the works that make up this contingent exhibition write and describe stories and moments, point out, investigate and name, illuminate and demarcate how our society operates and its components of xenophobia, racism, hate and aporophobia through the eyes of the artists themselves .  

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