Museum of Black Civilisations aims to 'decolonise knowledge' (Al Jazeera)

The Museum of Black Civilisations opened on 6 December in Dakar to a flourish of dance, drums and acrobatics, and its curator, Senegalese Babacar Mbow, claims it "incomparable to anything in the world."  

Its 14,000 square metres of floor space and capacity for 18,000 exhibits puts it in league with the National Museum of African American History in Washington. Its range of exhibits is, however, more far-reaching. 

The high-ceilinged exhibition halls include Africa Now, showcasing contemporary African art and The Caravan and the Caravel, which tells the story of the trade in human beings - across the Atlantic and through the Sahara - that gave rise to new communities of Africans in the Americas.

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