Capturing human rights through the lens of a camera (Canadian Museum for Human Rights)

These award-winning images are among 70 photographs chosen from almost 1,000 submissions received from across Canada for an exhibition featuring widely diverse expressions of human rights issues.  Points of View opened June 23 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) and runs until February 4, 2018. It includes 3D tactile versions of the five award-winning photographs, enabling visitors who are blind to “see” the art through their fingertips. Each photo in the exhibition is accompanied by captions that reflect the photographers’ own views on the human rights themes reflected in their images.

“These photographers present us with a panorama of diverse perspectives through their images and their personal lived experiences with human rights,” CMHR president and CEO John Young said. “Each story they tell is truly worth a thousand words – reflecting resilience and resistance, dignity and compassion, and the challenges that continue to confront us. We hope these photographs help foster a deeper understanding of human rights and inspire our visitors to pursue the hard work required to promote human rights for all.”

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