May - July 2019 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

May - July 2019

May 2019

  • Annual Meeting planning
    • Confirmed that planning for lightning talks and speakers is moving forward. Will send a communication to ERS membership about the section meeting agenda once everything has been finalized.
  • Resources Project/Internship plan
    • No action items at this time.
  • 2019 Section Elections
    • Reviewed positions that are available: vice-chair/chair-elect, 2 steering committee members
    • Discussed individuals who we might like to reach out to one-on-one to encourage them to run for steering committee or, if they are not interested in running themselves, solicit recommendations for other candidates. Emphasis on an interest in encouraging people of color and individuals from other underrepresented groups within SAA to run.
    • Discussed what information we want to require from candidates, including institutional affiliation, job title, and a headshot or other image. 
    • Discussed what information and requests will be in the call for participation that we send out.
  • Pushed to a future meeting:
    • Preparing to write Annual Report, which is due after 2019 Annual Meeting in August
    • Secretary’s update on microsite

June 2019

  • 2019 Section Elections
    • Confirmed that we have candidates for each position and approved draft ballot
    • bloggERS elections are coming soon; no SC action items at this time
  • Annual Meeting Planning
    • Final program information has been shared with Felicia
    • Planned brief agenda for business meeting portion
    • Discussed plans for icebreaker and breakout sessions
    • Meeting with Acquisitions & Appraisal Section to finalize some details in mid-July
  • Early Career Member
    • We are interested in adding an early career member to the steering committee
    • Discussed mentorship opportunities and desire to have this member lead the resource survey project
  • Secretary Update
    • Reviewed public meeting minutes from this year and confirmed these will be shared publicly; need to decide how to share: text on microsite, link to Google Doc, etc.
  • Microsite updates
    • Would like to add clearer contact information for members who would like to get involved, current SC roster
    • Jane and Kelsey will review existing content and determine a plan for better organizing the microsite going forward

July 2019

  • Election Results
    • Results are in! The three candidates who ran for three open positions (vice-chair, 2 steering committee members) were elected and will begin their terms after Annual Meeting
  • Annual Meeting Planning
    • Finalized agenda and last steps for preparing for joint section meeting with Acquisitions & Appraisal section.
  • Early Career Member update
    • Early career members will be paired with groups, not sections at this time. We can request to have an intern work with us in the future if we like.
  • Many thanks to outgoing steering committee members! Thanks for all your hard work!