DAS Subcommittee Meeting: August 2021

SAA DAS Subcommittee: Regular Meeting

 Monday, August 16, 2021 from 12-1:30 MT/1-2:30 CT via Zoom

  • Welcome New Members/Introductions (Sara)
  • COE DAS 2021 Yearly Report (Angela)
  • SAA and CoE Updates (Rana)
  • Virtual Retreat (Sara/Lauren/Angela/Rana)
  • Subteams (Sara) 
    • Proposed Subteams, Purpose, and Name Evaluation
      • Comprehensive Exam Team 
      • Liaison/Online Transition Team
      • Course Development Team
    • Google Form to select preferred subteam
    • Election of new subteam leaders
  • Updated Requirements for DAS Certificate Program (Georgina)
  • Additional reports/comments
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