Understanding the Need for Trauma-Informed Practice in Archives


The CDTRWG welcomed Nicola Laurent (she/her) and Kirsten Wright (she/her) from the University of Melbourne to present "Understanding the Need for Trauma-Informed Practice in Archives" on Wednesday, June 28 at 11 a.m. Central Trime. This talk considered what trauma-informed archival practice is and why we need to implement the practice in archives. Nicola and Kirsten provided an overview of the 2022 survey Understanding the International Landscape of Trauma and Archives, which sought to obtain quantitative data to identify how widespread experiences of trauma in archives were, what support was available, and what education, training, and resources were needed. Their talk considered our professional response to the survey and what steps we need to take to ensure archives become safer places for all to engage with.

A link to the recording is available at this link.