Referendum on proposed changes to Section name, mission, and goals

Dear Section Members,

As was announced earlier this year, the Collection Management Tools Section Steering Committee is proposing significant changes to the mission, goals, and name of this section. The overall vision is to move from a narrow focus on collection management tools to a broader focus on all aspects of collection management of archival materials. Major changes include:

  • Changing the section name from Collection Management Tools Section to Collection Management Section
  • An increased emphasis on comparing and discussing collection management workflows, including those used for transporting and tracking collections for storage and researcher access
  • Updated and focused section goals

These changes have been approved by SAA Governance Council and will be on the ballot as a referendum in June. A document with the tracked changes is attached for review. Please read the changes and be prepared to vote this summer. This referendum will also be announced on the SAA Connect Collection Management Tools Section list and may be further discussed there.

Thank you for your participation!

The Collection Management Tools Section Steering Committee

referendum_2019-06-24_proposed-changes-to-name-mission-goals.pdf159.67 KB