Career Development Subcommittee Guidelines

I. Purpose

The career development subcommittee of the SAA membership committee is responsible for identifying career development resources and tools relevant to members and assists SAA in making these resources accessible.  THe subcommittee recognizes the improtance of providing career resources to members at all stages of their career; for those entering the profession, to mid-career professionals to senior administrators.  As a service to members the subcommittee will prepare and oversee the career center at the annual meeting.

II. Subcommittee selection, size and length of term

The subcommittee consists of 3 members; each year a variable number of volunteers serve as career advisors and resume reviewers at the SAA annual meeting. The subcommittee chair is selected from the membership committee.

III. Reporting Procedures

The subcommittee chair must submit an annual report to the chair of the membership committee by December 1st.  This report is included in the membership committee report to SAA Council. The subcommittee chair also provides an activities update the membership committee during the annual meeting.

IV.  Duties and Responsibilities

The subcommittee is responsbile for:

  • Planning for and running the career center at the SAA annual meeting.
  • Identifying career development resources and tools relevant to the Archival profession.
  • Helping make career development resources accessible to members.

V. Meetings

The subcommittee meets at least once during the annual meeting and at other times, if necessary.

revised: 2/25/2013