Archival Educators Section 2022 Election

This year we have multiple open spots on our section's leadership team:

  • Vice-Chair (1)
  • Steering committee members (up to 4) 

We have a slate of great candidates. One is nominated for vice-chair and two for the steering committee. Please learn more about the candidates and cast your vote!


List of Positions

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect (2-year commitment, 1 year as Vice-Chair and 1 year as Chair): Serves as Vice-Chair from the conclusion of the 2022 annual meeting through the 2023 meeting; works with the Chair and Steering Committee in establishing an agenda for the year; works to ensure that sessions of interest to Section members appear on the SAA program for the following year; prepares for term of service as Chair in 2023-2024; takes minutes during the annual Section meeting. One candidate will be elected. 

Steering Committee Member (2-year commitment): Serves for two years from the end of the 2022 meeting through the 2024 meeting; assists in planning for the annual meeting; participates in Steering Committee meetings; helps set the agenda for the year; and contributes to section initiatives or priorities. Up to 4 candidates may be elected.


Nominated Candidates 

Below you will find the names, biographies, and candidate statements for each person nominated. Please review this information prior to voting!


Vice Chair

Rebecca Frank is currently an Assistant Professor at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She is also affiliated with the Einstein Center Digital Future. In August, she will return to the United States to take up a new position. She has taught courses in digital preservation and curation, information management, and management of information organizations at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Michigan School of Information and the Berlin School of Library and Information Science. Her research examines the social construction of risk in trustworthy digital repository audit and certification. She also conducts research in the areas of open data, digital preservation, digital curation, and data reuse, focusing on social and ethical barriers that limit or prevent the preservation, sharing, and reuse of digital information. She has a PhD from the University of Michigan School of Information, an MSI from the University of Michigan School of Information with a specialization in Preservation of Information, and a BA in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan. Her work has been supported by the Einstein Center Digital Future, the InfraLab Berlin, the National Science Foundation (United States), and the Australian Academy of Science. 

Statement: I am excited to take a more active role in SAA. I have been a member of the Archival Educators Section for several years and have previously served as the representative from the section on the Student Program Subcommittee for the annual meeting. If elected as Vice Chair, I would like to support activities that further the section’s current priorities: improving capabilities for digital pedagogies, and facilitating discussion about anti-racist and inclusive teaching.

Over the last few years, I have been involved in organizing and hosting digital workshops around topics including feminist approaches in data and information science, and climate change in archival education. I am interested in creating opportunities for the section to provide this type of programming throughout the year. I also believe that the Archival Educators Section should be a strong voice for anti-racist and inclusive practices within SAA. As educators, we have an obligation to welcome students and colleagues into the archival profession, and I would like to see the Archival Educators Section take a leading role in creating a community of practice that is more welcoming to people of all genders, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC people. Many people in SAA have taken an active, vocal stance about the need for the organization to become more inclusive in recent years, and I think that the Archival Educators Section should boldly contribute to that conversation.

If elected, I will use my position to create spaces and opportunities for others to be heard. I will advocate for our community, and will do my best to listen to, and address, the needs and concerns of section members.


Steering Committee

Note: candidates listed alphabetically by last name.

Meghan Courtney is the Outreach Archivist at the Reuther Library and has served as adjunct faculty in Wayne State's School of Information for the past 4 years.

Statement: Meghan has taught an introductory archives course in Wayne State University's School of Information Science for the past 4 years and serves as Outreach Archivist at the Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs as her day job. She is passionate about the future of archival education in the US, broadening access to the archival profession, and creating more equitable experiential learning opportunities for aspiring archivists. As a candidate for the Archival Educators steering committee, Meghan hopes to bring the perspective of a practitioner and educator to the group.


Adam Kriesberg is an Assistant Professor at Simmons University School of Library and Information Science.

Statement: I have been a member of the faculty at Simmons SLIS since the Fall 2019 semester. Prior to my time at Simmons, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies following the completion of my PhD at the University of Michigan School of Information. As a full time archival educator, I am passionate about pedagogy and innovation around how we train future archival professionals. I have been involved with other archival education projects and conversations in the past and am excited to become more involved from the SAA perspective. I would be honored to join the steering committee for the SAA Archival Educators Section and contribute to the efforts of the society to contribute to the culture of education in our field.