SAA Annual CALM Meeting, August 14, 2013


ALA/SAA/AAM Joint Committee (CALM)

Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting

Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Marlborough B

August 14, 2012, 9am-Noon


Welcome and Introductions


            New committee members




Advocacy session reminder – Saturday, August 17, from 8-930am

 “One for All and All for One: State Archives and Effective Archival Advocacy”


Reports & Updates

·         ALA Co-chair

Meeting and session recap from ALA

·         SAA Co-chair

o   SAA Council Liaison Report – Beth Kaplan

·         AAM Co-chair

Meeting recap from AAM

·         Liaisons

RBMS Updates - Task Force on Metrics Assessment, Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy, and Preservation Survey

·         IMLS Updates

·         UNESCO Updates

Old Business

·         Check on action item progress from ALA meeting

·         Continuing work of Ad Hoc committees on program, education and advocacy

·         CALM microsite


New Business


·         2014 Session Proposals - “21st century LAM education”

Brainstorming for session content & presenters

·         Other new business