Grace Danico, Candidate for Nominating Committee

Grace Danico

Archivist, Execpro Information Services

“When I signed on as chair [of the Los Angeles Archivists Collective Press and Publications Committee], I dedicated myself to making the publication inclusive of the diverse people, voices, and experiences that make up the archival community and the communities we serve.”


  • Archivist, Execpro Information Services, 2015–present.
  • Freelance Designer and Illustrator, Grace Danico, 2011–present.
  • Freelance Designer and Web Producer, Carpenter Group, 2014.
  • Project Cataloger, American Museum of Natural History, 20122014.
  • Illustration Editor, Grain Edit, 20082014.
  • Senior QA Analyst, Virgin America, 20112013.
  • Publishing Intern, Sesame Workshop, 2012.
  • Policies and Procedures Specialist, Virgin America, 20082011.
  • Library Page, Santa Monica Public Library, 20052007.
  • Library Clerk, Buena Park Library District, 20032005.


  • MS, Library and Information Science, Pratt Institute.
  • BA, American Literature and Culture, University of California, Los Angeles.


  • Society of American Archivists: Archivists and Archives of Color Section; Lone Arrangers Section; Independent Archivists Section.
  • Los Angeles Archivists Collective: Steering Committee; Press and Publications Subcommittee, Chair; Acid Free, Editor. 


  • “Interview with Steven Booth,” Acid Free Magazine, 2017.
  • “The Aquarian Age: Alfred and Bernice Lignon,” Acid Free Magazine, 2017.
  • “The James Beard Awards and Recipes,” Acid Free Magazine, 2017.
  • “Place: L.A. Riots, 1992,” Acid Free Magazine, 2016. 


  • "Be Your Own Archivist: A How-to Guide," ICON10: The Illustration Conference, 2018.
  • "Project Management for the American Field Service Oral History Project," Pratt SILS Student Showcase, 2013.



An essential component of the Nominating Committee’s work is identification of rising and seasoned leaders within SAA and the archival profession who embody the varied facets of professional diversity. Describe how you interpret this core responsibility and how you will identify candidates who represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives and who demonstrate commitment to SAA’s strategic goals.


The Nominating Committee has the unique ability to shape the future of the profession through its identification and selection of leaders with different backgrounds and perspectives. My own professional background is unique in that I work for a private collection and also freelance as a designer and illustrator, allowing both professions to influence each other. This experience, as well as prior experience working in environments outside the archival field, has shaped my understanding of how diversity entails not only those with diverse backgrounds, but their professional goals as well.  It is important to realize that there is not one track for everyone, and there is a need in our profession to recognize and support various strengths that individuals possess by looking at them holistically.

In my work as the Press and Publications Chair of the Los Angeles Archivists Collective, I have the rare opportunity to shape the look and feel of the organization by design, as well as its content through its quarterly publication, Acid Free. When I signed on as chair, I dedicated myself to making the publication inclusive of the diverse people, voices, and experiences that make up the archival community and the communities we serve. To accomplish this goal, I reached out and welcomed individuals whose voices may not necessarily be heard in mainstream archives conversations. Research was imperative in identifying unique individuals and collections to feature; I wanted to learn as much as I could about them to compile holistic profiles that could change current dialogues in the archives community, and invite other communities to participate as well. Examples of this research include the interview I conducted with Steven Booth, Archivist at the Barack Obama Presidential Library, National Archives and Records Administration; outreach to Dorothy Berry to contribute an article on “Organizing Hidden Collections for Umbra Search African American History”; and the article I wrote on the Alfred and Bernice Ligon Aquarian Collection at California State University Dominguez Hills.

I would bring this same approach to a leadership role in SAA by getting to know the people that make up our community and profession, and learning as much as possible about them in order to make informed decisions as to who best exemplifies the commitment to SAA’s strategic goals. I hope to bring my experience, dedication and passion for diversity to this leadership role in SAA, and I welcome your support.


Slate of Candidates

The Nominating Committee has slated the following SAA members as candidates for office in the 2018 election:

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