Reference and Research Methods in Local History and Genealogy

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61095 (Special Topics)
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Dr. Miriam B. Kahn
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This course teaches students to locate, analyze, and understand the various primary resources used by researchers in Local History and Genealogy.  Librarians and Archivists are called upon more frequently to assist patrons in searching their family roots, and researching events and locations in their past.  Students learn the history behind research and reference tools and how to use these specialized materials. Learning outcomes for the course include teaching students how to: use the specialized genealogy, local history, and government record indices and finding aids to locate documents and materials in genealogy and local history; analyze and interpret primary documents and local government records; answer reference questions posed to genealogy librarians and archivists using the resources in their collections, and locate primary resources outside the department and the library/archives that pertain to genealogy and local history, including government documents and public records.


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