Society of Indiana Archivists

Number of Members: 
Individual Membership: $20.00, Institutional Membership: $30, Retiree, Student or Volunteer: $10
United States
General Email: 
siaarchivists [at] gmail [dot] com
Associated Organization Contact(s)
  • Bethany Fiechter
    President (2020-2022)
    DePauw University Archives
    University Archivist
    United States

The Society of Indiana Archivists (SIA) is an organization of archivists, researchers, and others who are actively concerned with establishing, developing, preserving, promoting, and using archival collections. SIA provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas related to archival collections and best practices, and it serves as a liaison among individuals and institutions working with archival collections in the state. SIA welcomes as members all individuals and institutions wishing to support the purposes of SIA.