Academy of Certified Archivists

Number of Members: 
Regular Member $50.00; Emeritus Member $10.00
1450 Western Avenue
Suite 101
Albany, NY 12203
United States
Phone: 518-694-8471
Fax: 518-463-8656
General Email: 
aca [at] caphill [dot] com
Associated Organization Contact(s)
  • Todd Welch, CA
    President (2017-2018)
    Merrill-Cazier Library, Utah State University
    United States
    Phone: (435) 797-8268
    president [at] certifiedarchivists [dot] org
  • Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
    Vice President, Academy of Certified Archivists (2017-2018)
    Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
    Preservation Specialist
    98 North Washington Street
    Suite 401
    Boston, MA 02114-1933
    United States
    Phone: (617) 725-1860
    vicepresident [at] certifiedarchivists [dot] org

The Academy of Certified Archivists, founded in 1989 at the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists, is an independent, nonprofit certifying organization of professional archivists. Individual members qualify for certification by meeting a series of defined professional standards.