Appendix 2: Recommended Guidelines for Evaluating Instructor Qualifications

Instructors should be experts in their field. 

This expertise may be indicated by an appropriate combination of elements such as:

  • Experience in archival practice in the given subject matter.
  • Publications.
  • A record of presentations at conferences.
  • Work in related professional associations.
  • Formal academic credentials.
  • Other demonstrable indications of advanced knowledge.

Instructors should demonstrate an ability or a strong potential to teach effectively. This could be confirmed by a successful teaching record (based on student, peer, or reviewer evaluations), completion of instructor training geared toward adult education, or review by Committee on Education members or the Education Director.

Another measure of instructor qualification is completion of instructor training geared toward adult education. When evaluating this qualification in an instructor, the provider should consider the wide range of venues and structures that are appropriate for such education. Adult education teaching skills include the ability to conceptualize and deliver course content in person or via distance education and to research and write a formal manual.

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