Impact of Federal Grant-Funded Archives Projects

Form for Institutional Submissions

Please provide details of any jobs created through this grant (e.g., “1 FTE for 24 months and 1 FTE for 18 months”; “1 PTE 20 hr/wk position for 12 months”).

What need led your institution to seek federal grant funds? What did you hope to accomplish?

What impact do you believe this project has had on your local community? At the national level? At the international level?

Please provide a quantifiable measure(s) of the project’s impact, if available. (A quantifiable impact may convey the reach of the program or the economic impact on the community. For example, “10,000 school children visited the exhibition and learned about the civil rights movement” or “The grant made it possible for us to create two FTE positions for the duration of the grant, one of which has been converted to permanent since the end of the grant period.”)