Preservation Publication Special Commendation: The National Digital Stewardship Alliance

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) received a Preservation Publication special commendation from the Society of American Archivists in August 2015 for the publication 2015 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship. The commendation recognizes an outstanding published work related to archives preservation.

The 2015 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship, authored by the NDSA leadership group, integrates the perspective of dozens of experts and hundreds of institutions to provide funders and executive decision makers insight into emerging technological trends. The Agenda is available is available for open access at

NDSA is a consortium of institutions working toward the goal of long-term digital preservation on a national level. Organized in 2010, it advances digital preservation by studying new trends and current gaps and seeking new areas of research and development in this field.