SAA Roundtable Audiovisual Request: Instructions and Form

Submissions for this form are closed.

ARCHIVES New Orleans 2013
Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA and SAA
August 11-17, 2013
Hilton New Orleans Riverside


In response to a growing demand for audiovisual support at roundtable meetings, the SAA Council has determined that, beginning in 2012, SAA roundtables must submit a formal request for audiovisual support. The Executive Director will review all applications—along with roundtables’ histories of meeting attendance and fulfillment of basic reporting requirements—and, in consultation with Council liaisons and the Executive Committee, will propose an amount for funding to be incorporated into the draft budget reviewed by the SAA Council in May. Once the Council approves a budget (that may or may not incorporate all funds requested), the Executive Director will notify roundtables regarding whether they will receive AV support at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

Roundtable AV Set-Up:  All Roundtable rooms include tables and chairs set to capacity. Roundtables that are granted AV receive the following: screen, LCD projector, and one podium microphone. It is the responsibility of the presenters to bring their own laptops and thumb drives. Internet access will not be provided.

Roundtable chair(s)/co-chairs or convener(s)/co-conveners are responsible for compiling and submitting one audiovisual request form for the roundtable’s meeting. Please complete the form below by Monday, April 1, 2013. Submissions in other formats will not be considered. Please note the following:

  • Internet access will not be provided.
  • SAA cannot provide a telephone or T1 line.
  • If the roundtable presentation requires a laptop, your presenter must bring his/her own laptop and thumb drive. The conference organizers cannot provide this equipment.

Request Form

To submit a request for AV for your roundtable, please complete the form below and submit it no later than April 1, 2013. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Submissions in other formats or received after the due date cannot be considered.

Per the SAA Governance Manual (Section X: Roundtables, VII. B.), audiovisual funding for Roundtables is not guaranteed; funded amounts may vary by year.

                                         The Request Form is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!