Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago

When: Tuesday, August 23, 11 a.m.-Noon

Capacity: Maximum 15, Minimum 3

Description: Founded at Columbia College in 1983, the Center for Black Music Research exists to illuminate the significant role that black music plays in world culture. In addition to sponsoring conferences, programs, and performances, the Center publishes a scholarly journal, Black Music Research Journal, a book series, Music of the African Diaspora, with the University of California Press, and a recording series, Recorded Music of the African Diaspora, with Albany Records. The CBMR Library and Archives, founded in 1990, serves as a repository for archives, manuscripts, commercial and non-commercial sound recordings, photographs, and ephemera documenting music genres and performers from throughout the African Diaspora. The CBMR Library's holdings are particularly strong in research collections from major scholars; in archives of African American music organizations; and in manuscripts and scores of numerous composers of African descent. The sound collections include cylinders, discs, and magnetic and digital recordings of art music, jazz, popular genres, and traditional music from throughout the Diaspora. For further information, see the Library and Archives page of the Center's website here.

Directions: The CBMR is located on the 6th floor of Columbia College's building at 618 S. Michigan Avenue. The Center is half a block south of the Harrison bus stop on Michigan Avenue and half a block north of the Michigan and Balbo stop. Buses that
travel down Michigan Avenue and stop near the Center include the No. 3 King Drive bus and the No. 4 Cottage Grove bus. The No. 147 Outer Drive Express ends its route at Congress Plaza, a block north of the Center. The closest CTA Red Line stop is at
Harrison and State, two blocks west of Michigan Avenue. Visitors coming from the south side can take the CTA Red Line to Harrison or the Metra Electric line to Van Buren Street Station, on Michigan Avenue three blocks north of the Center. The No. 14 Jeffery Express from South Shore, the No. 6 Jackson Park bus from Hyde Park, or the northbound No. 3 or No. 4 buses all stop at Michigan and Balbo, directly across from the Center. For further directions, visit