I Found it in the Archives!

Historical Date: 
When we receive a letter of thanks from an archives user who is grateful for our help, we’re reminded of the “humanness” of our profession. Since 2006, <b>American Archives Month</b> has given SAA members an opportunity to tell (or remind) people that items that are important to them are being preserved, cataloged, cared for, and made accessible by archivists — like you! <br/><br/> In conjunction with <b>American Archives Month</b> (2010-2013), SAA is encouraging a special effort to involve people who have sought out archival collections by engaging them in a fun contest that makes use of online social platforms. <i>I Found It In The Archives!</i> is a collective effort to reach out to individuals who have found their records, families, heritage, and treasures through our collections.
Timeline Placement Date: 
October 1, 2010