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A man looks north from a housetop over Tangier to the Kasaba (Citadel) in Morocco.

In issue 86.2 of American Archivist, Makala Skinner shares results from the A*CENSUS II: Archives Administrators Survey Report; Dana Reijerkerk and Caterina M. Reed evaluate whether decolonial archival work in the United States has helped or hindered Indigenous access to records; and Pam Hackbart-Dean, Leanna Barcelona, and Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm investigate current policies and practices around managing online exhibits. In addition, contributors review seven books that consider born-digital design records, the Anthropodermic Book Project, and more.

This issue also features a Special Section, edited by Sumayya Ahmed and Rebecca Hankins, on Middle Eastern and North African archives. The section contains seven articles on a diverse range of topics, including a case study in counter-archiving, an argument for the redescription of the Middle East Institute’s Colbert Held Archive, and introductions from each of the co-editors of this special section.

On the Cover: A man looks north from a housetop and over Tangier to the Kasaba (Citadel) in Morocco. The photo is part of this issue’s Special Section on archives in the Middle East and Africa (MENA), which highlights the value of archival collections in this region as well as related records kept at institutions in North American and Europe. As co-editor Sumayya Ahmed writes in her introduction, the articles in this section ask archivists “to reconsider the role of place and people in the making of archival collections and the meaning-making work of archives.” Read her introduction to learn more. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, DC.

American Archivist 86.2 (Fall/Winter 2023)
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Special Section: Middle Eastern and North African Archives 



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