Vote Now in the 2023 SAA Constitution and Bylaws Referendum

September 26, 2023VOTE NOW!

The SAA Council proposes revisions of the SAA Constitution and Bylaws, combining them into one document. The proposed document represents current best practices for association management and practices within SAA. The changes outlined below reflect the Council’s fiduciary responsibilities, the member experience, and current governance practices. See the Council’s recommendation below. For more specific details about this proposal, see the Briefing Paper. 

SAA’s constitution requires amendments and changes to be voted on by the membership via referendum.  

Voting closes October 20, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Having considered at length SAA’s strategic goals and financial resources, the SAA Council proposed the amendment changes to the constitution and bylaws during the November 2022 meeting to put forward to the membership during the spring 2023 SAA election ballot.   

January 5, 2023 – The SAA Council held an Open Forum to discuss and allow for member comments on the proposed constitution and bylaws changes.   

July 24, 2023 – The SAA Executive Committee approved the briefing paper submitted by the SAA Council, which was ratified on July 26th by the SAA Council.   

August 14, 2023 – The SAA Council held a second Open Forum to discuss the proposed amendments and answer questions from members.  

The proposal is based on the Council’s unanimous support for maintaining a growth strategy for SAA as measured by the quality of its member services and the Society’s leadership role on behalf of archivists and the archives profession.  

The Council proposes to the membership the following motion for approval: 

MOTION: THAT the proposed amendments to the SAA constitution and bylaws as indicated in Appendix A be approved (strikethrough = deletion, underline = addition). 

PROPOSED BY: The SAA Council.  

SUPPORT STATEMENT: The SAA Council is responsible for ensuring the efficient and responsible function of the Society’s governance infrastructure. The proposed amendments to the SAA constitution and bylaws seek to streamline governance processes without compromising the organization's transparency or the role of the broader membership in decision-making on issues of importance.


For more specific details about this referendum, please see the Briefing Paper. 

This referendum will be open from Tuesday, September 26, through Friday, October 20. 

Please note: All full individual members, student members, and primary contacts of institutional members who are in good standing on September 10, will be eligible to vote in the 2023 Referendum.