Read the November/December 2023 Issue of Archival Outlook

Archival Outlook: November/December 2023.

Explore the latest issue of Archival Outlook! In the November/December 2023 issue, Irene Lule discusses processing the Donald Judd Papers; Alexis Braun Marks, Brooke Boyst, Becca Murphy, and Andrew Schneider talk about hands-on learning while developing an exhibit at their university; and Krista McCracken and Skylee-Storm Hogan-Stacey discuss their new book from SAA and ALA, Decolonial Archival Futures. Also in this issue, read about SAA member Jen Wachtel’s volunteer experiences, and consider volunteering yourself with the Call for SAA Leader Self-Nominations. Read the digital version here. Print edition to follow.

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