Read the July/August 2023 Issue of Archival Outlook

Archival Outlook: July/August 2023. A drawing of Don Quixote tilting at windmills on the cover of The Northwestern Miller magazine.

Explore the latest issue of Archival Outlook! In the July/August 2023 issue, Starlina Rose talks about the digitization of The Northwestern Miller trade magazine (a 1925 cover of which graces this issue's cover); Elizabeth Dunham, Harold Housley, Julie Tanaka, and Claudia Willett share a framework for implementing better accessioning practices to prevent burnout; and DiAnna Hemsath, Jessica Kowalski, and Caroline J. White reflect on what they learned on their nontraditional career paths into archives. Also in this issue, Amanda Greenwood and Eric Hung discuss results from the 2023 American Archivist readership survey, Cali Vance uses reparative archival description to create a K–12 archives, and Lydia Tang shares new tools used in the SAA Mentoring Program. Read the digital version here. Print edition to follow.

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