Call for Mentees for SAA’s Mentoring Cohort Program! Apply by May 19

SAA’s Mentoring Subcommittee has announced a third round of mentoring cohorts—a group mentoring model intended to complement the traditional one-to-one mentoring of the Mentoring Program.

The Subcommittee is building mentoring cohorts supporting the following communities: 

  • BIPOC (led by Michelle Ganz and Tellina Liu)
  • Special Libraries (led by Sue Rishworth and Deborah Smith)
  • Supervisors (led by Kelli Bogan and Derek Webb)

Each cohort will consist of two Co-Mentors and approximately six Mentees. Cohorts will be active from June - December 2023. The expected average time commitment for each cohort is to meet at least once per month for at least 1-2 hours. Each cohort will be supported by a liaison from the Mentoring Subcommittee. 

Apply to be a Mentee by submitting this application by May 19. If you have any questions about the cohort program, contact the Mentoring Program Subcommittee at